Rhythm Jazzations Malibu Extravaganza

Rhythm Jazzations presented the “Return to Forever” Malibu Concert Invitational for 2009 at the Villa Versailles Mansion. It started with a pool party at noon with a Brazilian BBQ and a live jazz quartet. Bathers couldn’t have asked for a warmer, sunnier day. To get out of the sun, tours of the mansion were set up and an art exhibit of contemporary artists was available for viewing.

Soaking in the Rays at Malibu Mansion Overlooking the Ocean

Soaking in the Rays at Malibu Mansion Overlooking the Ocean

Karl Mitchell, the world-renowned trainer of big cats brought one of his babies out for everyone to “pet” while he bottle fed it. Karl has created “star” tigers, ligers and lions for movies, commercials, fashion photography and music videos for over 20 years. Karl owns a large ranch in Pahrump, Nevada where his cats run freely and where visitors can “encounter” the big cats and have their photo taken with them.

Mansion turns into Euro-Nightclub at night

Mansion turns into Euro-Nightclub at night

From 5-8pm guests watched the sunset over the Pacific ocean while sipping on ISVodka martinis, smoking cigars and enjoying tapas from around the world.

As the evening approached, guests retired to their own private cabanas for changing into semi-formal attires. Soon the mansion turned into a Euro-nightclub with DJs from L.A., New York and Miami getting the groove on. A fantastic laser show, salsa dancing and more ISVodka cocktails were the highlights of the evening. Going out with a bang, the party finale had a spectacular fireworks display over the ocean.

The event benefited two non-profit organizations.  “A Place Called Home” (APCH) and Project MuszEd offer at-risk children music and education programs as well as financial support to achieve success.

Author, Kiki Kalor

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2 Responses to “Rhythm Jazzations Malibu Extravaganza”

  1. Brew Says:

    Great work and great party!
    The great part here is that there were organization who benefited the event.
    Hope to see more great event just like this, this year..

  2. Cupid Says:

    Yeah that is right @ brew.
    How about a party just like this with free drinks and more gorgeous ladies this year?

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