2010 Awards Season Just Beginning!

ISVodka Won 6 Awards In 2009 and 1 Award Already In 2010

ISVodka’s unique formula utilizes only the finest non-genetically modified European wheat combined with the cleanest, purest water from the Vatnajokull glacier basin in Iceland known as ‘The Beautiful Valley.’ VGS ISVodka’s special distillation formula was developed by Master Distiller Peter McKay of the United Kingdom. Using pure Icelandic water, European wheat and a third secret ingredient, Master Distiller Peter McKay created a vodka of ultra-smooth spirit with a tantalizing hint of fire…

2009 SIP Platinum Medal – Consumers choice; ‘Best Vodka’
2009 L.A. International Wine & Spirits Competition- Bronze
2009 American Graphic Design Award – Tribute to ‘ÍS Saga’
2009 World Packaging Design Award – Bronze Medalist
2009 American Package Design Award – ‘ÍS Decanter’
2009 San Francisco World Spirits Competition
2010 San Francisco World Spirits Competition – Silver

Though comparable in quality and taste to internationally acclaimed vodkas in the ultra price category ($75+), ISVODKA is a standout among its peers ensuring brand accessibility and enjoyment for all consumers at the price of $34.95.

In 2009 ISVodka won a prestigious award for the design of its bottle: The 2009 American Graphic Design Award.

picture ISVodka Wins 2009 American Graphic Design Award

ISVodka Wins 2009 American Graphic Design Award

ISVodka Bottle Decanter Is A Site To Behold

Graceful, tall and elegant, the ISVODKA decanter is as evocative as the spirit inside. Stylized icicles adorn the sides of the bottle, a reminder of the icy origin of its contents. A handsomely finished nickel-plated cap provides a dazzling crown. The medallion molded in the image of a mythical ‘Icelandic Angel’ sitting in the middle of the bottle  is the focal point and the ‘living logo’ of the ISVODKA brand.

picture ISVodka 750ml Decanter

ISVodka 750ml Decanter Makes Incredible Gift

Use ISVodka Bottles To Create A Look Of Luxury In Your Home

isvodka bottles in home image

ISVodka Has Its Own Unique Look In The Home

Peter McKay of England developed the 7 times distillation formula using pure, Icelandic water and non-genetically modified European wheat for VGS’s ISVodka. Peter McKay oversees every batch of ISVodka that is made!

picture of stillmaster peter mckay

Stillmaster Peter McKay Developed ISVodka Formula

Every batch of ISVodka is handmade in a copper pot still from the 1700’s called Jenny.

picture ISVodka Handmade in Copper Pot Still from 1800's

ISVodka Handmade in Copper Pot Still from 1700's Called JENNY

Author Mark Bowers

50 ml ISVodka Collector’s Bottle: Baby-IS

Baby-IS 50ml Collector’s Bottle

50 ml ISVodka collector’s bottle is coming to a store near you. Check out our photos; see for yourself how our 50 ml ISVodka is identical to our award-winning 750ml ISVodka. Compared to other 50ml collector’s bottles from Chopin, Grey Goose, Stolichnaya  the 50 ml ISVodka bottle will be the darling of collector’s bottles. Find out how you can get your hands on 50ml of pure luxury today!

50ml ISVodka Bottle image

Watch for the 50ml ISVodka Bottle Coming To A Store Near You

Baby-IS has the same pure, 7-times distilled vodka that has won ISVodka over 7 awards in the last year!

picture of 50ml isvodka bottle

Baby-IS and 'Daddy'

ÍS VODKA is made of the finest non-genetically modified European wheat and distilled seven times. VGS Master Distiller Peter McKay of the United Kingdom developed this special distillation formula using pure Icelandic water, European wheat and a third (secret) ingredient. The result is an ultra-smooth spirit with a tantalizing hint of fire: ÍS VODKA.

Inspiration for ISVodka comes from the North. In the land of ice and snow the baby and the parent are inseparable.

baby penguin and parents photo

Original "Baby-IS' Inspiration

Our ‘Baby-IS’ 50ml is made to stand out from the pack!

image 50ml isvodka is vodka bottle

There Are Alot of 50ml's Out There, BUT Only One Baby-IS

Make friends with your new 50ml ISVodka bottle

is-angel and 50ml isvodka bottle
IS-Angel Robyn Cuddles the New Baby-IS

Not Everyone Should Drink ISVodka!

dog drinking isvodka from bottle picture

Please Drink Responsibly

Photographs by Mark Bowers Photographer, www.ReallyVegas.com
Article authored by Mark Bowers

Southern Wine & Spirits of Nevada Distributing ISVodka

Southern Wine & Spirits of Nevada Premium Distributor for ISVodka

ISVodka Angel Robyn Pouring ISVodka at Lee's Liquor Las Vegas

ISVodka is very proud to be distributed by Southern Wine and Spirits of Nevada, Inc. since it is the country’s single largest wine and spirits distributor with operations in 29 states. Southern Wine and Spirits has had a longstanding commitment to in the nation’s set of alcoholic beverage laws and regulations at both the state and federal levels.

The United States is based on a Three-Tier Distribution System. In a Three-Tier Distribution System wine, distilled spirits or beer product moves in a legally authorized series of contact from the producer to a designated distributor at the state level, then on to a legally licensed retail, restaurant or bar. Under this particularly regulated chain, distillers, vintners and brewers are collectively known as the first tier.

750ml ISVodka Bottle and decanter in image

ISVodka's Eye-catching Bottle and Decanter Make Unforgettable Gifts

Your Brand Reps can order ISVodka from Southern Wine & Spirits website. ISVodka Cat Code SKU# 287068 – 750mL (6) at $29.16 for $175.00

Photos and text by Mark Bowers.

ISVodka Wins Platinum SIP Award in 2009
Platinum SIP Award for ISVodka in this photo.

ISVodka wins Platinum SIP Award

ISVodka Wins Platinum SIP Award in 2009

The opening Spirits International Prestige (SIP) Awards world spirit competition  took place in Los Angeles on November 14. SIP awarded Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum medals to the top spirits from around the world. Unlike other spirits competitions, SIP Awards didn’t rely on industry experts or qualified judges to figure out the best of the best. But the winners of the 2009 SIP Awards are chosen by a panel of 100 people who happen to enjoy spirits and know what to look for in distinguishing quality in distilled beverages. Only SIP Awards offer competitors a level playing field.
Other Platinum SIP Awards also went to Finlandia Grapefruit and Tangerine Fusion Vodka; RND Vodka, Krome Vodka, Orange V Vodka, Vodka 14 and Vonost 88 Vodka; Commander’s Call Coconut Rum and Horne Spiced Rum; TY KU Soju, La Valote Absinthe and Pere Francois Absinthe; Galliano L’autentico, Lillet Blanc, Nature’s Own Marula Cream Cocktail, Ventura Limoncello Originale, (ri)1 Whiskey and Woodford Reserve Bourbon.

Photo of SIP Awards from Los Angeles

100 Users Choose Their Favorite Spirits at SIP Judgings

Visit our Martini Gallery and see how you can make your wedding unique with our ‘Rings of IS’  ‘The Proposal’  ‘The Bride’ and ‘The Groom’ our specialty martinis made just for ISVodka and you.

Wedding Martinis - 'The Ring of IS' in this picture

Wedding Martinis - 'The Ring of IS'

Written by Mark Bowers.

Celebrities Sip ISVodka at Emmy Gift Lounge
Actress Bridgetta Tomarchio Loves ISVodka!

Actress Bridgetta Tomarchio Loves ISVodka!

Celebrities were treated like the stars that they are at the ISVodka booth for the 2009 Emmy Gift Lounge at the Luxe Hotel in Beverly Hills in preparation for the Emmy Awards night.

Our IS Angels were on hand to refresh the stars as they dropped by to see, smell and taste an ISVodka martini or cocktail. ISVodka was the official vodka of the Emmy Gift Lounge. Celebrities like Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother and Emmy Host), actor Keith Carradine, Charlene Tilton (Dallas), actor and TV host Lee Reherman, George Blodwell (Celebrity Stylist for Gen Lux Magazine), Director Michael Sucsy (Grey Gardens), Christopher Atkins, Shar Jackson, actress Bridgetta Tomarchio, Cassandra Hepburn and Gary Cole (Entourage) to name a few were some of the stars that visited the Emmy Gift Lounge and IS Vodka. DJ Nahchey Storer from Hollywood loved ISVodka while spinning the tunes.

Even with their busy schedules, celebrities take the time to come to the Emmy Celebrity Gifting Suite to help them prepare for the big night. They can take a look at trendy make-up ideas, the latest fashions, lasik eye surgery, skin care products, vacation packages, tranquility teas and the smoothest vodka in the world – ISVodka. Each celebrity guest walked out with a swag-bag valued at over $10,000 worth of goodies!

This year’s Emmy Lifestyle Lounge took place in the Penthouse of the Luxe Hotel on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. The sun was shining on all the stars in this beautiful California setting. Who could ask for more!

ISVodka Martini Gallery – Check out our new wedding martinis.

photo of wedding martini by isvodka

Wedding Martini - 'Maid Of Honor'

By Kiki Kalor