Join iS Vodka for Earth Hour at ‘rm’ – Las Vegas

iS Vodka's Green Tea Martini

iS Vodka's Green Tea Martini

iS Vodka (pronounced “ice”) is sponsoring Earth Hour at ‘rm’ Seafood Restaurant in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas on Friday, March 27, 2009. Creator and Executive Chef of rm, Rick Moonen will be on hand to sign his cookbook , Fish Without a Doubt. Rick is known as the “Seafood Champion” and an industry leader when it comes to educating the country about ocean conservation and the dangers of over-fishing.

iS Vodka's Blue Lagoon Martini

iS Vodka's Blue Lagoon Martini

Diners and guests will be able to order 2 for 1 drinks of pure iS Vodka from 8 – 11 p.m. Come meet Rick and taste this ultra-premium vodka in rm, the fine dining restaurant.

iS Vodka is distilled in England and bottled in Iceland. It uses only the purest glacier water that has been filtered for thousands of years through layers and layers of rock and sand in the Icelandic valley known as the “beautiful valley. “

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