Jennifer Aniston on Vodka Diet

If you’re wondering why Jennifer Aniston has such a slim body, it could be because she drinks vodka.

She was interviewed this week by Chelsea Handler on the E! Network talk show, “Chelsea Lately.” Chelsea and Jennifer discovered they both like and drink vodka. Chelsea asks  “I want to know what you drink to keep your body like that because what I’m drinking is not working.” Jennifer exclaimed that vodka  is her drink of choice. “That’s what I drink… It’s a clear liqueur, yes, you know, no sugar.”

Another celebrity, photographer Ryan McGinley talks about his vodka diet. Reported in the New York Diet, the weekly article in the New York Magazine Ryan said “For dinner, at 8 p.m. I had cupcakes from Babycakes at Michael Stipe’s new apartment. It was a pre-housewarming, pre-curtains-on-the-windows party; he hadn’t been in town for three months. We drank coconut water and vodka…That was sort of dinner-ish.”

Actress Sienna Miller went on a vodka diet to lose weight to play Edie Sedgwick, the drug-addicted “IT” girl of the 1960s and Andy Warhol’s muse in the movie “Factory Girl.” Sienna didn’t want to starve herself to get down to a size O, so she went on a vodka diet and the extra weight burned off. Instead of drinking a glass of wine with her meal, Sienna had a shot of vodka which worked for her.

Lindsay Lohan has also been known to go on a vodka diet. She likes it mixed with a diet soda. Stay tuned for more on the vodka diet, ISVodka is vodka and other uses for vodka…

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4 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston on Vodka Diet”

  1. Brew Says:

    If that will be the case then I will start drinking more vodka. That is really something to think about since I really want to lose weight.

  2. admin Says:

    If so, then you will have to be extra careful when you ‘diet’ and drive – unless you too have a chauffeur.

  3. John Says:

    Great information… Will this be effective on guys as well? will it remove my big tummy?hehehe
    I will let my girl drink this.

  4. Cupid Says:

    Who wouldn’t drink what Jennifer Aniston drinks? What i mean for the ladies not for the gents.
    Cant wait to try this.

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