iS Vodka and Amanda Lepore

Amanda Lepore's New Perfume called "Amanda"

Amanda Lepore's New Perfume called "Amanda"

iS Vodka is THE cocktail sponsor for the launch party of Amanda Lepore’s new perfume called “Amanda.”

The party premiers in New York City with a designer iS Vodka cocktail that will be pink and fizzy. Amanda’s single for her new video is “Cotton Candy” – so the color pink is the theme of this party. Pink satin pillows, pink bunting everywhere, carnival cotton candy spun from a cotton candy cart, bite-sized red velvet cupcakes with meringue icing and crystal sprinkles. Yummmm!

The banquet room will look like the inside of a genie bottle. Just 6 weeks away from the launch of PRIDE NY where Amanda will be in the parade.

Stay tuned for more details…

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