50 ml ISVodka Collector’s Bottle: Baby-IS

Baby-IS 50ml Collector’s Bottle

50 ml ISVodka collector’s bottle is coming to a store near you. Check out our photos; see for yourself how our 50 ml ISVodka is identical to our award-winning 750ml ISVodka. Compared to other 50ml collector’s bottles from Chopin, Grey Goose, Stolichnaya  the 50 ml ISVodka bottle will be the darling of collector’s bottles. Find out how you can get your hands on 50ml of pure luxury today!

50ml ISVodka Bottle image

Watch for the 50ml ISVodka Bottle Coming To A Store Near You

Baby-IS has the same pure, 7-times distilled vodka that has won ISVodka over 7 awards in the last year!

picture of 50ml isvodka bottle

Baby-IS and 'Daddy'

ÍS VODKA is made of the finest non-genetically modified European wheat and distilled seven times. VGS Master Distiller Peter McKay of the United Kingdom developed this special distillation formula using pure Icelandic water, European wheat and a third (secret) ingredient. The result is an ultra-smooth spirit with a tantalizing hint of fire: ÍS VODKA.

Inspiration for ISVodka comes from the North. In the land of ice and snow the baby and the parent are inseparable.

baby penguin and parents photo

Original "Baby-IS' Inspiration

Our ‘Baby-IS’ 50ml is made to stand out from the pack!

image 50ml isvodka is vodka bottle

There Are Alot of 50ml's Out There, BUT Only One Baby-IS

Make friends with your new 50ml ISVodka bottle

is-angel and 50ml isvodka bottle
IS-Angel Robyn Cuddles the New Baby-IS

Not Everyone Should Drink ISVodka!

dog drinking isvodka from bottle picture

Please Drink Responsibly

Photographs by Mark Bowers Photographer, www.ReallyVegas.com
Article authored by Mark Bowers

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3 Responses to “50 ml ISVodka Collector’s Bottle: Baby-IS”

  1. Jack Says:

    DAMN FINE!!!!!

  2. Jay Says:

    Great shots…
    I agree that not everyone should drink especially if its a dog. LoL
    Great site.

  3. omer Says:

    where i can get a 50ml collector bottles of is vodka?


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