2010 Awards Season Just Beginning!

ISVodka Won 6 Awards In 2009 and 1 Award Already In 2010

ISVodka’s unique formula utilizes only the finest non-genetically modified European wheat combined with the cleanest, purest water from the Vatnajokull glacier basin in Iceland known as ‘The Beautiful Valley.’ VGS ISVodka’s special distillation formula was developed by Master Distiller Peter McKay of the United Kingdom. Using pure Icelandic water, European wheat and a third secret ingredient, Master Distiller Peter McKay created a vodka of ultra-smooth spirit with a tantalizing hint of fire…

2009 SIP Platinum Medal – Consumers choice; ‘Best Vodka’
2009 L.A. International Wine & Spirits Competition- Bronze
2009 American Graphic Design Award – Tribute to ‘ÍS Saga’
2009 World Packaging Design Award – Bronze Medalist
2009 American Package Design Award – ‘ÍS Decanter’
2009 San Francisco World Spirits Competition
2010 San Francisco World Spirits Competition – Silver

Though comparable in quality and taste to internationally acclaimed vodkas in the ultra price category ($75+), ISVODKA is a standout among its peers ensuring brand accessibility and enjoyment for all consumers at the price of $34.95.

In 2009 ISVodka won a prestigious award for the design of its bottle: The 2009 American Graphic Design Award.

picture ISVodka Wins 2009 American Graphic Design Award

ISVodka Wins 2009 American Graphic Design Award

ISVodka Bottle Decanter Is A Site To Behold

Graceful, tall and elegant, the ISVODKA decanter is as evocative as the spirit inside. Stylized icicles adorn the sides of the bottle, a reminder of the icy origin of its contents. A handsomely finished nickel-plated cap provides a dazzling crown. The medallion molded in the image of a mythical ‘Icelandic Angel’ sitting in the middle of the bottle  is the focal point and the ‘living logo’ of the ISVODKA brand.

picture ISVodka 750ml Decanter

ISVodka 750ml Decanter Makes Incredible Gift

Use ISVodka Bottles To Create A Look Of Luxury In Your Home

isvodka bottles in home image

ISVodka Has Its Own Unique Look In The Home

Peter McKay of England developed the 7 times distillation formula using pure, Icelandic water and non-genetically modified European wheat for VGS’s ISVodka. Peter McKay oversees every batch of ISVodka that is made!

picture of stillmaster peter mckay

Stillmaster Peter McKay Developed ISVodka Formula

Every batch of ISVodka is handmade in a copper pot still from the 1700’s called Jenny.

picture ISVodka Handmade in Copper Pot Still from 1800's

ISVodka Handmade in Copper Pot Still from 1700's Called JENNY

Author Mark Bowers

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2 Responses to “2010 Awards Season Just Beginning!”

  1. Jay Says:

    Peter McKay is a genius…
    Look at that Copper Pot ( come to think of it, it was made year 1800) that is awesome.
    Cheers and more power

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks Jay. That copper pot still is actually from 1700’s. It made the official gin for the Queen’s Navy (in England). Today, that gin is called Plymouth Gin. Plymouth Gin is the smoothest tasting gin in the world. ISVodka is the smoothest tasting vodka in the world. Funny – they are make in the same copper pot still – in small batches!


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